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Terms of Service


All artwork sold on this website is for collection purposes only, if you make any indication that you intend to lay these blotters with any type of chemical I will not do business with you and you will be banned from the website without warning. This website is about art.. not drugs.


I will ship any orders paid by 1pm on the same day unless I have some kind of issue/emergency. Non tracked/insured shipments will not qualify for a refund or reship but I will always get and show proof of postage. Tracked/insured shipments are fully covered and I will reship or refund if there is any issue.

Marketplace Forums:

Use the marketplace forums at your own risk, we will not be held accountable if you get scammed. Our advise is to only use PayPal goods and services, if somebody asks you to send via the friends/family method do not as you will not be able to dispute any issues.

Other Stuff:

Just don't be a dick.. that's about it for now. I may update these terms at a later date.

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