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    Welcome to BlotterArt.pro, your number one source for high quality blotter art! We ship worldwide from the UK.

    None of the blotter artwork sold on this website contains any LSD. It is chlorine free and printed using vegetable inks.

    All of our products are printed on an offset printing press and the perforations are made by a specialized machine.

    The 250gsm blotting paper we use to make our prints looks and feels exactly like it should.

    All orders will be dispatched on the same day if you order before 1pm and will be sent in a "do not bend" envelope via Royal Mail.

    Payment methods we accept are PayPal, Card via PayPal, Bank Transfer and Bitcoin. Please contact us first if you wish to pay with Bitcoin.

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    Gnasher Blotter Art Design For Sale

    By ASCiiD™,

    I made this design from a memory of tabs from the early 90's, they were very strong!

    I'm willing to sell the design/PSD for 20% of the sheets anybody prints.

    I would want credit though if sold on other sites.. for example Gnasher by ASCiiD™ in the title.

    I would also happily sign some sheets.